As promised: Diceyness

As I posted yesterday, things are a wee bit choppy around here for the moment. For proof, I submit the fact that the “things are about the get dicey” post I published yesterday has vanished. I’ve mostly completed the transition between servers, and it’s mostly been successful. All my little project sites (Game Boy World, etc.) look to be running correctly, except Anatomy of Games, which hasn’t been updated all year anyway. I’ll get that fixed up in due course.

The bigger concern is the Talking Time forum, which is sort of the main point of all this anyway. Everything seems to be in order, and I’ve followed all the migration instructions to the letter, but for some reason the database isn’t working. That looks like it’s going to be my project for the day. But I do hope to have it up and running soon. This coming week is supposedly a vacation for me, although I can already see lots of USgamer-related work piling up for me. I really don’t want to add “trying to fuss with a forum database” to that the list of tasks that inevitably make “vacation” days a lie in my life.

Your patience is appreciated! Because trust me, I’ve had my own patience tried this weekend. But once I get the forum running again, my goal is that it will never, ever have to migrate again until I die.

Edit: No sooner do I post this than I figure out how to get the forums working again. Mostly. It may take a while for the redirected URL to propagate through the various DNS servers, so you may see weirdness for a while — I keep seeing the site, then getting a 404. If the URL doesn’t work for you, you can go directly to the forums from this link. If you see any errors or glitches, please report them in the Talking About Talking Time thread. Thanks!