Breaking the curse

I posted a few weeks back about the discouragement and frustration I’ve encountered over the past couple of years any time I set aside time to complete work on the Retronauts Kickstarter DVD, up to and including my computer completely dying within hours of me setting aside a block of days to get things wrapped up. But I have a new computer, and as of this evening I’ve hit a crucial milestone: I completed all the video capture for my main DVD segment. For the record, that’s about 40 hours of source footage with a bunch of old games that don’t have save files or save states — a massive and daunting burden that’s been hovering over me like an oppressive cloud for far too long.

As it happens, I had to take a couple of half-days from work this past week for personal and health reasons, so I spent the remainder of those days off capturing Retronauts footage. And that’s literally all I’ve done this weekend: Sit in front of an NES recording game footage. But it’s done, and I’m almost finished backing up all this footage to a second drive, so nothing short of a catastrophic EMP blast can undermine this effort now. The remainder of the project just involves editing audio and video, which will be considerably less grueling than several dozen hours of NES game marathoning. I mean, I love playing NES games, especially on a high-quality CRT sporting RGB output. But I can only handle so much at a time… especially on my rock-hard office chair.

I expect to wrap up the video project the week after E3, and we’ll finally, finally have everything else Kickstarter-related wrapped soon after. And then, I will never be involved in anything related to Kickstarter ever again. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way.

On the plus side, a lot of this footage will come in handy down the road for Good Nintentions.

2 thoughts on “Breaking the curse

  1. If you’re worried about EMP blasts, you could try keeping your storage device in a microwave oven. Just make sure the microwave is turned off…

    • I was thinking maybe in a refrigerator. I hear those can withstand even nuclear blasts.

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