My good deed for the year

As a corollary to the R.O.B. videos I’ve created, I’ve also posted a rather exhaustive collection of the raw, synced-up Gyromite and Stack-Up footage I created for those videos. They are available under Creative Commons for anyone to use in their own projects without the need to set up an elaborate recording system to get both HD game footage and synchronized robot actions. I realize this is a small and extremely niche definition of good deed, but I would be happy if I’m able to help other video retrospectives and game history projects depict these games as they were meant to be played rather than as blind emulator guess work.

There’s also a bunch of other HD NES footage in there, some of which needs to be re-recorded (e.g. Wild Gunman and its 60Hz whine), but my goal is (someday) to have a healthy amount of raw capture for everything I’ve covered available for people to use.

Besides my own video retrospectives and books, this is the third pillar of my archive projects, if you will. I don’t know if anyone will ever actually use any of this stuff, but it’s out there.

2 thoughts on “My good deed for the year

  1. I actually have an idea for a project in which I may use some of the Gyromite footage; and this is the best—and for obvious reasons—the most authentic footage of the game out there. So, thank you so much.

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