Game Boy turns 27 years old today

Which means Game Boy World turns two. Those two years have brought a lot of discoveries about how to produce videos, a rabbit hole plunge of RGB-modded hardware, tons of puzzle games, and about 20 pounds of abdominal fat because I never have time to exercise anymore thanks to my free time being filled with video projects. I am dying for my art… which, in 2016, appears to be a very literal thing happening to a great many artists. Time to get back into shape, methinks.

The original idea with Game Boy World was to produce two episodes of the series per week, which would put me at about episode 200 right now if I were on track. And yet, the latest episode I’ve produced was… episode 65? So I’m running at about 33% efficiency. In my defense, however, I never intended for the series to go as frightfully in-depth as it’s become. I could fart out three minutes of opinion about games, no problem, but I keep doing all this stupid research and exploration, which results in bewildering creations like an eight-minute episode about Card Game and the like.

There were about 1800 Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles released over the years, so at my current rate I should be wrapping up this project circa 2085. Please look forward to it.

I wanted to have Game Boy World 1990 Vol. 1 (the book) ready to go up for sale today, but undertaking a proper editing process (where the book passes beneath eyes besides my own) is a little more time-consuming. Instead, you’ll have to settle for a bigger edition of Game Boy World 1989 — which, again, is bigger only in terms of trim size, not in terms of content. It’s actually negligibly smaller than the older version, since I had to make a few minor edits for space (or just because I wanted to kill some clunky writing). So you don’t need to buy this if you already own the older edition, unless odd sizing bothers you.

The book is listed on Amazon now at the same list price as the original edition, though there’s a little more padding for Amazon to add in discounts. I’d probably wait for them to give it a price break if I were you.

Apparently you can still buy the older edition for a 900% markup from a third-party retailer, if you want. But look, if you’re that desperate for the smaller size, I have a couple of copies I’ll sell you for only a 100% markup. Hard to beat that kind of deal!

In all seriousness, though, thanks to everyone who supports Game Boy World (either through Patreon support, buying books, offering material donations, or just giving the videos a thumbs-up on YouTube). It’s such an involved, specific, and above all niche project that it shouldn’t be able to exist, but thanks to all of you it somehow does, and I’m impossibly grateful.