A morning for history

I don’t know how you spent your morning, but I woke up entirely too early for no good reason and decided to make the best of it by ordering a final proof of Game Boy World 1990 Vol. 1 for its copy editor, Max Smith, to have a look at. This thing is happening.

And now? Now I’m redesigning Game Boy World 1989 to fit the larger format of the new book (old left, new right):

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 8.25.23 AM

I’m not adding any new material to this edition at all — on the contrary, I may need to make some edits to keep everything streamlined — so don’t feel like you’re being cheated if you already own the previous edition. The new design is just to bring keep everything consistent on the shelves, and if you picked up GBW1989 already, there’s no need to pick up this reformatted version unless your bookshelf OCD anger threatens your health and well-being (or that of others).

I expect both editions to be up for sale on Amazon the first week of May, possibly the second. Huge thanks to everyone who has helped make these volumes possible!

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