Catch and release, catch and release

Now that I’ve gotten Game Boy World 1990 Vol. 1 laid out and everything is pretty much photographed and scanned, it’s time to dump that book’s games and start sourcing for the next. (Actually, more like “it’s time to make back some of the money I blew on Good Nintentions materials at Midwest Gaming Classic.”) So… if you were interested in owning any complete-in-box Game Boy games, they’re all up for auction. Some of these don’t go up for auction very often (just Buy It Now), and I tried to start them at reasonable prices without going bankrupt. Of course, some of them are terrible. And some are terrible and expensive! Video game collecting is nonsense.

Speaking of the book: I am halfway through my edit/rewrite pass on GBW1990-1, by the way. I hope to have a copy printed and on its way to the copy editor within a week. Progress.

3 thoughts on “Catch and release, catch and release

  1. Sometimes I see Game Boy cartridges and think “Man, I really love Game Boy cartridges.”

  2. Good luck with selling off the Game Boy stuff – nice to see all the lovely photography from your project in the auction listings, puts practically all other game listings on eBay to shame!

  3. Well, well! Didn’t win a thing last time….but man there sure are some (pretty good) games in this set! Nice prices too, (for the most part) those rare/expensive games seem to be the ones that sucked the most! Gargoyle’s Quest clearly excluded from that distinction.

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