Enemy of the state, or something

First of all, hey! New Game Boy World this week. As every week.

This one could have been two short episodes about two puzzle games, but I decided to inflate it into something much larger and more involved, because I’m stupid and like creating extra work for myself. The puzzle recap section features Can’s “Halleluwah,” because I was excited about ordering a free (!) copy of Tago Mago on vinyl the night before I edited this. I originally intended to use Van Der Graff Generator’s “Theme One” (the prog rock version of the BBC One theme from the ’70s) but it wasn’t long enough to fill the entire recap. “Halleluwah,” on the other hand, is no problem.

Speaking of “on vinyl,” I haven’t been writing much here this week because my efforts have been invested in writing about Data Discs’ SEGA soundtracks, and also about Data Discs.

Meanwhile, I randomly decided to check out my YouTube analytics today. Not that they mean anything — I’m in the lowest percentile of Internet popularity for making videos about video games — but sometimes I’m just curious. Strangely, I noticed that dislikes on my videos were up 5800% from last month, which caught my eye. I hadn’t noticed anything like that! So I looked to see if the dislikes were happening after specific videos or something and discovered something odd:

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 12.25.32 PM

Huh. All the negative ratings were on a single day. Maybe people really didn’t like last week’s video!? Curiously, though, there was only a single video with more than one dislike on it over the last month. It had… two dislikes. It looked like someone cruised through my channel and systematically hit “dislike” on every video.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 12.26.56 PM

All but one of the past month’s dislikes came from Iraq? So either Iraq hates Game Boy, or hates me, or hates me talking about Game Boy. Whatever the case, I feel like we’re further than ever from true peace between our nations. How terribly sad.

The other dislike came from Austria, by the way. I guess they didn’t appreciate my Schwarzenegger impression.