Yes to BBQ

So here’s a record thing that’s out of alphabetical order, but whatever.


Yesterday I had the random urge to listen to Yes’ Fragile, so I pulled it out of the record bin. I had completely forgotten that there was a bunch of stuff stored inside the jacket along with the record itself!


The entire reason I bought this particular record was that it included the weird little Roger Dean-illustrated booklet that came with early pressings of the album. I mean, the booklet’s not weird, but that cover sure is.


It also includes a BBQ menu. This is not as random as it sounds! One year when I was in college — maybe 1994? — I happened to be back at home visiting my family in Lubbock, TX with a trip that coincided with a live performance by Yes guitarist Steve Howe. Naturally, I went! The weird thing, though, was that it took place at a barbecue restaurant called Stubbs. Nothing could be more Texas than that, I suppose, but Howe (like most of the rest of Yes) was a pretty adamant vegetarian. Seemed kind of, I dunno, inappropriate.

It was a good show, though! An acoustic set covering the span of his career to that point, including an excerpt of “The Ancient” from Tales from Topographic Ocean — clearly, nothing was off-limits. He played for a small audience, maybe 50 people, and afterwards did a brief signing for fans.


So, I had him sign his page in the Fragile booklet. At one point I thought it would be cool to have the whole Fragile-era band sign, but I never ended up having the chance… and with the recent passing of Chris Squire, I clearly never will.  Still, it’s a great curio. I don’t collect autographs, but this one has a pleasant personal memory attached, so I’ll keep it around.

I wish I could say I’ll listen to the record a lot, too, but… nah. I bought the record for the extras, and good thing — now that I’ve sat down to play it, this is the shabbiest record I own. There’s an insane level of surface noise, like the previous owner rubbed steel wool over it or something. There are two locked grooves and a few skips…


…but at least it comes with a bonus autograph. Move over, Steve Howe.

7 thoughts on “Yes to BBQ

  1. If you’re feeling adventurous, this could be a good candidate to try the old ‘clean a record with wood glue’ technique. There’s a bunch of youtube videos showing how to do it, it seems like a not actually terrible way to do things.

    • This one’s beyond cleaning, I’m afraid. I’d need fine-grit sandpaper to smooth down the crazing on the surface….

  2. We still use Stubb’s sauce on BBQ. Now it is spread out beyond Texas and is available everywhere. The Lubbock restaurant was started before he moved to Austin. Stubblefield was a big supporter of music, upcoming artists and the like – Elvis Costello- and settled in Austin, which totally makes sense. Better music scene and probably a better city than Lubbock for a black man. Nice to see you enjoying your new record player and the record stash again.

    • I didn’t know the history there! Interesting. And yes, I’m really enjoying the records — enough that I’m starting to invest in new (or new used) ones. Sometime I will sneak back to your place and abscond with that Chicago Live at Carnegie Hall set…

      • There may come a time in the near future when I go on another purge and it could end up at your house. Just be sure to keep all the extras in it. (As if I had to tell you – ha) Your Uncle David didn’t keep all the extras in his original White album. Sad as it would be worth much more since it is one of the actual numbered ones. Any other albums of mine you have your eye on? Are you going to the flea market to expand your vinyl?

      • Who throws stuff like that away? Good grief.

        Anyway, yeah… I’ve told Cat that all I want for my birthday is a shopping spree at the flea market record stand.

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