Captive of capture

Wow, I haven’t done very well at living up to my commitment of spending 15 minutes of my daily lunch break blogging, have I? More like faily lunch break, amirite??

Anyway, yeah. I took some vacation time over the past few days to work on wrapping up the final segment of the Retronauts Kickstarter DVD… and I only managed to get about a third of the way through recording footage for it. Not even editing! Good grief. I think I’m going to break it into chapters so I can post it in chunks and let backers watch as it unfolds. But by god I will have it done by the time the Kickstarter hits its… third anniversary!? Yeesh.

Here’s a segment of footage I recorded for the passage on Super Mario Bros., which I’ll probably also be using for the inevitable Good Nintentions episode on the game. Listen, it’s all about efficiency, alright?

I decided to post this and set it public for irony’s sake: A few weeks ago the USgamer team attempted to play as far into Super Mario Bros. as they could without taking a single hit; I fizzled around in stage 2-3 after several attempts. But here, now that it no longer counts, I played all the way from 1-1 to 4-2 without a single error, then warped to 7-1 and made it most of the way through that stage unscathed, too. Of course, then I did a horrible job in World 7-3 and kept misjudging Bowser-Seven’s hit box, but still. Pretty decent run. I guess the moral here is that I should shut up, since I didn’t have to worry about providing commentary this time.

Incidentally, now that I have my capture gear set up with an Analogue NT running through a pro-level CRT, I am really enjoying the process of recording video. I’m sorry to say there are going to be a lot of NES-related Retronauts Micro episodes this year, because I’m having a lot of fun exploring new games and experiencing old ones afresh.

4 thoughts on “Captive of capture

      • Until you’re regularly editing them you can’t learn to loathe them, yeah. I love the medium but I hate making the things.

      • I’m just never really in a situation where I can just sit and listen to people talk, and I don’t really do “background noise” type thing either. So I’m sort of curious, when do you guys listen to your podcasts?

        I think your video content is excellent, but by and large I prefer the written word 99% of the time.

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