Cutting loose the albatross

This morning I realized that the domain for Anatomy of Games expires in less than three weeks — Feb. 19, to be exact. I’ve decided not to renew it. That also seems like a good day to delist the substandard Anatomy books (Mega Man, Zelda, Super Mario Bros.) from Amazon. All Anatomy content is duplicated here on this site in its very own category, and the delisted books will continue to sell on Gumroad, but I’ll no longer host a dedicated site for the stuff or sell physical volumes collecting the material. This is not a dire warning or anything, merely a heads-up so people won’t wonder/ask where everything went.

Just kidding—no one reads this blog anymore, so I’ll be fielding questions for months.

Anyway, feel free to register once it becomes unbound from my account to use it for your own game design analysis endeavors/porn publishing venture/personal insults directed toward me/whatever.

5 thoughts on “Cutting loose the albatross

  1. Everything okay? The post kind of went from heads-up announcement to sad-sounding pretty quick. At any rate, thanks for the heads-up, I’ll edit bookmarks accordingly.

  2. I bought the Mario book just now so as not to lose my chance. Having something in print is pretty special, and I’m more likely to revisit a book than a Web site or PDF. The physical space is a commitment, though, and I like your voice more than I like old games, so I only buy the books whose subjects pique my particular interests. (Two GSQs besides.) Still, thanks for offering us the option.

  3. I actually liked going back and browsing through the Anatomy of a Game website once in a while. I understand moving the content here, but is there any way you could, if you ever have time, make a table of contents page for it? Something like there was on the other website?

    Keep up the good work!

    • Agreed. I can’t find a way to get to the game I want without browsing back through all the old posts until I stumble on the one I’m looking for.

  4. I’ve followed your blogs through all their incarnations for about fifteen years now, because you have a gift for capturing the universal experiences of gaming in engaging prose. (I just never comment.) So please don’t say no one reads your blog.

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