A reversible quandary

You know, the problem with these Retronauts playing card illustrations is that I sometimes have trouble deciding which end should be presented upright. With some of them, I have obvious and easy favorites, but this next episode’s cover is more vexing.


Do I emphasize Mr. Iwata?

Or do I go with the reverse featuring Kirby, Lolo, and Box Boy?

I think I’ll do the former orientation. On one hand, I drew Mr. Iwata’s glasses frames a little too thick, and they look awkward. On the other hand, it kind of looks like Kirby is waving goodbye to his former boss (the Balloon Fight dude’s placement kind of reinforces that), and that strikes me as being a bit more maudlin than I’d prefer.

Also, I’ve updated my Etsy listings, in the event anyone is interested in owning any of the original illustrations. I mean, probably not, but I figured I’d put the option out there.