Potable gaming

A while back I posted a bashful acknowledgement of my misplaced affection for Tab cola, but I forgot to post the follow-up, the best possible argument for consuming soft drinks, despite their deadly chemical side effects. Namely, the rad classic game-themed glasses my sister made for me.

2015-11-08 10.47.44

These are probably six years old at this point, I think, and unfortunately the set is missing the Galaga glass that shattered during the (sadly literal) breaking-in process with the brand new dishwasher in our current house. However, they’re still great. She hand-etched these (I have no idea how) and gave them to me one year for Christmas. The set consists of four short juice tumblers emblazoned with different Dragon Quest slimes (slime, she-slime, babble, healslime) and four taller glasses featuring a scene apiece from Galaga, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and of course Duck Hunt.

The one downside to these is the stress from worrying that they’re not going to survive use. Our elementary-age nephews and cousins love using these glasses when they’re at our house, and they’re all good kids but also kind of like tiny whirlwinds of destruction. But I never want to turn into Will Ferrell from The LEGO Movie, so I consign their fate to the heavens, and each disastrous kid accident these glasses somehow survive just makes me appreciate them all the more.

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