On monochrome monotony

I really love creating Game Boy World videos, and working on the site… except for one small detail. Going into exhaustive detail on Game Boy software can be incredibly wearying at times. That shouldn’t really come as a surprise—I think that was the main reason Dr. Sparkle didn’t want to focus on Game Boy for Chrontendo—but the reality of it has really set in. Plus, all those puzzle games, man.

So… while I intend to keep plugging away at Game Boy World, I plan to mix things up just a bit with some occasional forays into other platforms. Back when I published Game Boy World 1989, someone—sorry, I don’t remember who!—suggested I tackle the first year’s worth of software for lots of different platforms. And it’s not a bad idea, at that! So please look forward to some finite chronogaming side projects. Not that I need to take on more projects at the moment… but I do need some color, and some non-puzzle games, in my life. Desperately.

And of course, there’s still Anatomy of Games. Did you know I recently kicked off a series on Super Castlevania IV? No? Man, you gotta pay better attention to this stuff.

8 thoughts on “On monochrome monotony

  1. If you want I have the first 3-4 months of the GBA, the first 10 months of the GameCube and the first 10 months of the Xbox 360 in chrono gaming order.

    • Unfortunately there’s no way to capture video directly from those devices, which is a big part of what I’m trying to do here — make high-definition video footage of actual game software/hardware available.

  2. I just wanted to say I really enjoy the Game Boy world videos! I’m always happy when a new one appears in my You Tube feed. Keep up the good work! It’s weird, when I had my Game Boy I think I had…maybe two or three puzzle games and the rest were action/adventure, etc. So… maybe it will get better?

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