A month of fundays

Well, it happened. With the help of producer Eric Shugg, I’ve managed to publish a short game history video every weekday for a month. The result is a pretty great body of work!

Looks like our thumbnails need more cleavage, though. Build up those clickbait views.

I’ve also been writing little nuggety, somewhat tangential news posts to accompany the videos, so you could just bookmark the relevant filter page on USG and get the full experience.

I rarely toot my own horn, but… honk honk.  Basically, I’m saying this is an excellent and more people should be checking it out. It’ll learn ya good.

6 thoughts on “A month of fundays

  1. Just wanted to say that I’ve really been enjoying all the work you’ve been doing lately (and that extends to the rest of the USGamer crew as well). Thanks for taking the time to produce these awesome nuggets of game history info!

  2. The best part is they’re short!
    But no, I mean that seriously; all of your video content that I’ve seen is excellent, but I rarely have time at my desk for longer vids, so these bite-size pieces are great.

  3. I’ve really been enjoying them as well. Unfortunately I tend to batch view them every week or so because I miss most of them in the USGamer RSS feed, but I’ve found almost all of them to be both informative and entertaining, and as Kirin was commenting I can even watch a couple back-to-back at work because of the concise nature. Well done, and hope you’re able to keep this up.

  4. I’m also loving these, but scanning the USgamer front page it’s easy to miss them. The fact that the article headlines don’t say “This day in video game history…” means they just look another article. The headlines you’re using are enticing on their own, but if you want people coming back every day or so, make sure they see that the article about Ecco is part of this series. Maybe a logo on the associated art?

    But yeah, they’re great.

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