Best of intentions

I had intended to take it easy last week in order to recover from the madness of E3, but then I ended up working more than full-time anyway. It’s a sad, sick compulsion, I guess. I feel like I really ought to have burned out by now, but I still get anxious when I’m not being productive.

So, it turns out that despite my best intentions I produced two of the best pieces of writing I’ve put together in recent memory. They’re worth reading. You would enjoy them!

Inside the Greatest Game Gadget That Never Was

Someone sent me an amazing add-on for the coolest video game accessory ever, the Game Boy Camera. I asked for the full story on it; and, postscript, it’s looking more and more likely that this thing will see a proper release, at least in some limited capacity.

GB_0001 GB_0004 GB_0014

It also gave me the excuse to photograph E3 2015 with a Game Boy Camera, so that was fun. My one regret is that I only carried with me on the final day, so I didn’t get photos of everyone I interviewed. I passed Animal Crossing director Aya Kyogoku at the end of the show and she recognized and greeted me following our interview a few days prior, but my reluctance to bother developers outside the confines of an appointment kept me from adding her to my GBC film roll. I did get this guy, however:


…but that was as part of a scheduled interview. See:

Koji Igarashi on Setting Kickstarter Records, Evolving Castlevania, and Meeting Expectations

I have to assume that if you’re still reading this blog, you’re the sort of person who cares about this conversation. Or else you’re my mother. Hi Mom!

5 thoughts on “Best of intentions

  1. “Someone sent me an amazing add-on for the coolest video game accessory ever, the Game Boy Camera. ”
    Do you mean there is an extra add on to the camera, or that the Game Boy is the cool video game accessory?

    At release, I was appalled at the low tech specs of the camera (and again at the specs of the 3ds camera), but I think you have really captured the subjects with these pictures, especially with Igarashi.

    I am always amazed at the quantity (and quality) of your output. I am envious of your productivity.

  2. I loved the camera when I was younger. Made some cinematic masterpieces with my cousin. I wish more camera software on phones made it that simple to do goofy stuff…or maybe it was the constrained nature of it all that made it work.

    Or maybe because I was like eight.

    • I think what appealed to us most as 8-year-olds was that nifty little printer. A portable printer the size of the game boy! At a time when my family’s PC printer would rock its little stand back and forth just to spit out a word doc.

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