“Game of the Fisherman’s Wife” prints (aka now you can own classy video game erotica too!?)

Due to surprisingly popular demand, I’ve decided to make giclée prints of the Retronauts “Game of the Fisherman’s Wife” cover painting available. (The original illustration vanished from the shop within a few hours of being posted.) I guess I shouldn’t be too stunned that people like art, video games, naked ladies, and references to classical Japan. Anyway, the prints will be produced on a pro-grade color printer and limited to an edition of 30, for anyone who cares about such things. They’re up on my Etsy shop for $30 for a 7×10″ print.

episode 40 etsy

There are also some other new paintings up there (Mega Man, DJ Goemon, Ultra Games), but this seems to be the one that all the kids are crazy for.

4 thoughts on ““Game of the Fisherman’s Wife” prints (aka now you can own classy video game erotica too!?)

  1. Hi mr. Parish,
    First of all this comment is “off topic”, so I apoligize for that! Though not a regular commentator, I am a big fan of your writings. It’s the first time, I’m able to catch you after recently posting something. That’s why I exploit this particular article.

    I noticed in previous posts, that you frequently take up topic requests from your readers. I was wondering wether I could send you some requests too? or is this an option only available for regular commentators/contributors ? If not what would be the best canal to send these?

    Thanks in advance! It’s pretty late over here in Belgium. So I’m going to sleep now

    • I might be mistaken, but I think those are Kickstarter obligations from… I don’t even remember. Contribute X amount of money (was it for Retronauts?) and Parish will write up a topic of your choice… or something like that.

      • Close. They were from a fundraiser to keep the site’s forums going. These posts are my pro bono contribution/incentive to the cause.

  2. @ touchofkiel & J. Parish: Thanks for clearing thap up for me
    Am I still able to contibrute to this funfraiser? And if not, would it be ok if I send you some ideas/ thougts for an article anyway. And than offcourse it would be entirely up to you, to decide whether these are interesting enough to write about or reply to (so no expectations on my part!) ?

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