A new old book project

I tend to have about three or four different book idea-irons in the fire at any given time, because I have this unhealthy fixation on putting stuff into print. I don’t know why. It’s just a weird thing about me. After converting all the Anatomy of Games books to an Amazon-friendly format, I decided it might be interesting to try reworking an issue of GameSpite Quarterly as well. Ultimately, I decided to give GSQ5 (the NES 25th anniversary book) a shot. Maybe it could be made newly relevant in time for the system’s 30th anniversary, I figured.

So I got started on converting the compact B&W paperback book to a full-color 8×10″ format. Alas! In the process, I realized that GSQ5 was about 60% terrible. It was packed with great features and reviews, yes, but it also included dozens of (more than 100, actually) compact game write-ups that, frankly, were embarrassingly superficial and stupid. I wrote them, so I’m allowed to say that.

Thus I am working on a total revamp of GSQ5 to bring it up to a higher standard. The good, meaty articles will remain more or less as they are, but all the tiny write-ups are being greatly expanded. I’ve also added in entries for several dozen new games that were inexplicably absent the first time around. How did I neglect to include a Dragon Warrior IV entry, for example? All the sins and failings of the original edition will be rectified; and, despite a reduction in page count from 440 to about 300 pages, it’s going to include considerably more material. The pages are twice as large as they were for GSQ5 (8×10″ versus 5×8″). So the new book is like a 600-page edition. I guess.

Example spreads (one game per page) from GSQ5:


Rough layouts (two games per page) for the same titles in the new edition:



I’m still fine-tuning the design and the new text needs a proofing (to correct typos like “SG-2000” instead of “SG-3000”), but it’s coming along. It’s a huge project that I’m only able to work on in little chunks each evening, so expect it in, say… August? He said, ruefully shaking his head at his foolish optimism.

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  1. Just in time for my brother’s birthday in December. His favorite system of all time is the NES. Thanks Jeremy you’re the best. I’ll also buy it day one 2 copies.

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