At what point does it cease to be coincidence and become frightening?

Sunday morning I put together a Game Boy World video on two go variants and included a clip from A Beautiful Mind where people play go.

As I put together the credits for the finished video, I discovered that the subject of A Beautiful Mind, John Nash, had died a few hours earlier. That was weird.

This morning I uploaded a Nemesis video (it’ll be public in a couple of days). A few minutes ago, I learned today is Gradius‘ 30th anniversary. That’s also kind of weird.

Next in the queue is Bases Loaded GB. I wonder what kind of strange coincidence will complete the hat trick?

Anyway, hi. I forgot about this site for a while, but I’m back. At this point no one cares, but that’s OK! I kind of enjoy shouting into an empty room.

6 thoughts on “At what point does it cease to be coincidence and become frightening?

  1. Could it be related to your power to purchase expensive retro games before they’re re-released for cheap digitally?

    • I don’t know… it seems kind of inappropriate to equate wasting money on video games to the tragic and untimely death of a world-class mathematician.

      • I think any death past the age of 80 ceases to qualify as “untimely”. Still, awfully sad to think that after all he overcame, with the unceasing support of Alicia, that neither of them got to go out in peace.

        There’s a passage in Cat’s Cradle about a duprass, a karass of only two, and how the people in a duprass always die within a week of one another. The narrator adds that for the characters he was speaking of, it happened within seconds.

        That’s a comforting way to think about a tragic accident that took the lives of two elderly people. They died the way they lived: together.

  2. I was gonna make a grand slam or triple play reference, but, you know, sports. Ooh, wait, something something Bull Durham.

    Hope your hand is better!

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