Visual delights

I am back in the business of making Game Boy World videos… hence the sudden dropoff in content here. The two I’ve produced in the past week were a bit more involved than usual.

Wizards & Warriors on Game Boy is surprisingly not-good. Really misses the appeal of the original.

And Atari Lynx deserves some love, dammit.

Aaaaalso, the Game Boy World book is now available on Amazon (US and UK). It’s more expensive than the Blurb version, but Amazon frequently drops prices on stuff like this. And unlike Blurb, you don’t need a coupon code to get reasonable (or free) shipping. Currently I’m working on converting The Anatomy of Mega Man up on Amazon as well — I realized a few days ago I’d never put together the compact paperback version of the book. And other back catalog books to follow as I have time…

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