The art show

After years and years of doing jack-diddly with the art degree I invested many years and many dollars into, I decided to squander my BFA slightly less than I have over the past decade by creating weekly cover illustrations for this season’s Retronauts episodes (as opposed to doing nothing whatsoever with it). I suppose you could argue it’s a backward step, given the results, but generally the covers have gone over well. I’ve seen more positivity than death threats, at least. Given today’s Internet climate, that’s a pretty rare feat.

Anyway, in a fit of optimism, I’ve decided to sell off the original ink-and-watercolor illustrations on an Etsy shop. Neither Bob nor I have pocketed a cent from the Retronauts Patreon campaign so far — everything that’s come in has been set aside for reward items and production costs — so this is the only way I’ll actually be seeing any kind of return on what continues to be a zero-sum labor of love for us. (Those reward tchotchkes are a lot costlier than we had budgeted.) And honestly, I had originally been planning to hang on to the illustrations for myself, but my wife’s computer began experiencing its death throes a couple of weeks ago, which means we need to drum up the cash to replace it ASAP. Peddling art seemed a better way to go than selling off everything I own on eBay, assuming anyone’s interested in this stuff.


So… loath as I am to discuss matters of commerce, please have a look at the shop and see if there’s anything that interests you. If you don’t want to use Etsy, you can contact me at to arrange something. Even if you don’t want anything I’ve drawn, thanks for looking, at least. My wife is definitely grateful, since she’s in one of those situations where she can’t earn money to replace her computer until she has a working computer. Joseph Heller would have a good laugh at that one.

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  1. Had I not lost my job recently I would have jumped on the YMO illustration. I had no idea you did the art for Retronauts, you are a man of many talents!

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