The way we was

Due to the fact that a bunch of people seem irritated by my decision to unite GameSpite and Anatomy of Games (mainly for reasons of indices, it seems), I’ve shrugged and given into the inevitable entropy of all things, separating Anatomy of Games once again into its own site. Which means poor GameSpite will probably never be updated again, the way things have been going lately. Well, we had a good 16-year run, this website. Farewell.

As it happens, there’s a new Anatomy of Final Fantasy VI entry to enjoy thereabouts this morning. And also another announcement. Wow, it all sounds so momentous when I phrase it like that, and not at all like a website about picking apart the design of old video games.

10 thoughts on “The way we was

  1. Aww, I still check this site a couple times a week but I understand when you’re running so many professional and hobby endeavors at once.

  2. People are stupid. WordPress is perfectly capable of separating out categories for easy reading and RSS feeds. People are lazy.

    Don’t worry. I’ll keep my RSS pointed here.

    • It’s fine. I shouldn’t have spun content off from here in the first place, but that’s the bed I’ll be laying in. Future Anatomy posts will be at

  3. As a request/suggestion, can you add some sort of structure to these anatomy articles for easy navigation. I often find that I miss a few articles, then have to do a lot of scrolling to catch up. Maybe have a list of the article in order on the sidebar? Or simply add a link at the end of an article that goes to the beginning of the next article in the series? This will also make it easier to ignore the fluff if that is turning people off.

  4. In that case, maybe post a link only on non-Anatomy sites. That way we get funneled to the one place the article is kept? I guess ambition has its downsides. Great work regardless. :)

  5. That’s going to make a mess on my efforts to catch up…
    Say, Jeremy, any other way to support you other than Patreon? I don’t want to make a regular donation that I’ll forget about or wasting half my money on fees of the intervening parties.

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