Almost like a renaissance

Over the past few months, I’ve somehow fallen back into multimedia in a big way. Besides the three video/text features I have going here on the side (Metroidvania, Anatomy of Games, and especially Game Boy World), Retronauts is back for a much-improved new season. I even made a video out of the most recent episode:

And now USgamer has a podcast, too. It’s potentially worth listening to, if you enjoy such things.

I also hosted a one-hour play session with Brandish, as part of my growing addiction to odd RPGs no one likes.

Needless to say, I’m beyond excited for the new SaGa game that will be coming to Vita and selling 20,000 copies.

Anyway, I’m going to go sleep now. I have new scripts written for each of my three video side projects, but since I’ve been suffering from a horrible cold lately I can’t record them. Thus I must rest to hasten my recovery. Damn this frail mortal meat-prison of mine.

4 thoughts on “Almost like a renaissance

  1. Thank you very much for your content, Jeremy. I’ll have to throw some money on patreon: even if things are a little rough around here, you entertain me a lot. And I don’t even consume everything.
    So, again, thank you, even if I don’t show it often by commenting.

  2. I enjoyed the Brandish stream. (I caught it later on YouTube.) It almost made me want to play the SNES version, and it brought my attention to the PSP remake, which I’m planning to get, now.

  3. I too enjoyed your Brandish video (also after it’s posting on US gamer). I own the SNES cartridge and have played it through. One thing that the play-through didn’t really get much into is that the game really opens up after you get some of the magic spells. The sword combat’s short range and the ability of monsters to steamroll right over you really limits the fun of combat otherwise.

    Keep on playing the obscure, maybe ‘Brainlord’, ‘Suikoden 2’, or ‘Inido: Way of the Ninja’ one of these days? They at least don’t require Dramamine like Brandish.

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