A niche resource

I kicked off a small new section on my YouTube channel consisting of simple gameplay videos of the titles I’ve been covering for Game Boy World. Basically, I’ll be posting the footage I’m capturing for the retrospective videos. I don’t expect people to watch these videos for entertainment; they’re really meant to supplement the features I’ve been writing.

They’re also meant as a resource. Because people have been kind enough to support my Game Boy World endeavor — funding purchases on Patreon, donating equipment, spreading the word — I’d like to make a small contribution in return. The idea behind these videos is to provide a glimpse of actual, “ideal” game footage; ideal in the sense that this is real software running on real hardware, upscaled cleanly to HD resolution. No emulation, just clean digital/RGB video.

It’s not ideal in the sense of great gameplay, because I’m not an expert at any of these games and frankly the Super NES gamepad I own is a piece of garbage that sticks and fails to respond far too often. But still, I’m hoping to build a library of reference-quality video of “real world” play. There are already channels dedicated to complete playthroughs and flawless let’s plays and tool-assisted perfection, and that’s great. This is something else.

I’ve posted the first two videos and will upload more constantly and without fanfare. The resource is here if you need it for something. It’s Creative Commons, so do as you will.

(And yeah, I’ll be using this new Alleyway and Super Mario Land footage for remastered versions of those early Game Boy World videos.)