Apparently Nintendo gave me a bunch of money (a public service announcement)

Well, a lot of store credit, anyway. I totally forgot about the Deluxe Digital Promotion that was in place for buying a 32GB Wii U back at launch, where you’d get back a 10% credit for every digital Wii U purchase you make on the eShop through the end of 2014. But I stumbled across a mention of it online yesterday and it turns out I had… um, let’s just say a lot of credit that’s been building up for the past two years, thanks to my Virtual Console purchases. I should basically be set for eShop purchases for the rest of the year, now.

If you’re like me and forget about people offering you money for doing things you were going to do anyway, you should probably log in and see what’s up with your own account.


Speaking of Virtual Console, I registered a fun new domain name yesterday on a whim. I don’t know what to do with it, or when I’ll ever have time to do anything with it, but the poor thing was just sitting there. I needed to give it a loving home.

One thought on “Apparently Nintendo gave me a bunch of money (a public service announcement)

  1. Yeah, I found out about the DDP from a link on the Wii U eShop. The promotion ends at the end of this year, but I do enough digital shopping that I’ve already gotten three codes from it. Retail, eShop originals, Virtual Console, DLC…as long as it’s on Wii U and digital, it counts.

    As for Re: Virtual Console, maybe it could be something akin to Game Boy World but highlighting select VC releases instead of chronological Game Boy releases?

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