Class reunion

After giving it a few weeks of thought, I’ve decided to reunite Anatomy of Games with GameSpite/2-Dimensions/Telebunny/ToastyFrog. Whatever you want call this site these days. The split was an interesting experiment, but ultimately a sort of pointless one that only really managed to make it harder for people to keep track of what I’ve been writing. The URL still serves the same function, though — it goes to the Anatomy of Games category here, so if all you want to read is that stuff, you’re still in good hands.

I am, however, keeping my standalone sites separate. Stuff like Metroidvania, Game Boy World, and… some other in-development projects. They work better, functionally, on their own. But Anatomy of Games was born here, and here is where it belongs.

If by chance you’ve been keeping tabs on this site but not Anatomy, hi! I’m currently in the middle of a comprehensive breakdown of Final Fantasy VI. I hope you’ll enjoy this series. If not… um… sorry?

5 thoughts on “Class reunion

  1. This site’s RSS feed forces me to “click here to continue reading” longer articles. Do you have any way to change that? It wasn’t happening for the anatomy site.

  2. It was kind of useful to have the Anatomy on standby on a seperate RSS feed, though I’m really letting it go way too far at this point. Maybe the change will make me quickly start to read them again.
    Either way, best of wishes for your endeavors, as always.

  3. Read the FF6 update 4 too late to make a comment so I’ll do it here. I laughed and appreciate your FF13 reference in that update. Keep writing good stuff Mr. Parish

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