A confluence of events

There’s been a weirdly huge amount of Mega Man and related stuff happening in my life lately. Some of it’s a coincidence, some of it not.

Not a coincidence: Comcept coordinated a heck of a campaign bringing us Azure Striker Gunvolt (which I’ve reviewed), Mighty Gunvolt (which, also, I’ve reviewed), and Mighty No. 9 (which I previewed and interviewed Keiji Inafune about). All of this in turn inspired a video production as well:

The coincidental part is that The Anatomy of Mega Man Vol. I went into print as well this week. I mentioned it on Anatomy of Games, but not here. Oops! It’s available as a hardback and a paperback. PDF version coming soon. The cover is the first watercolor illustration I’ve done in ages… so it’s a little rough, but I’m still pretty happy with it.

On a related note, the super rad Games Story Bundle 4.0 is running for a few more days. Even if you already have the books I contributed to the mix, you should check out all the other great productions in the bundle. Some excellent stuff there.

2 thoughts on “A confluence of events

  1. PRINT33 knocks 20% off your order total on Blurb right now (through the end of Spetember, I believe).

  2. Great interview there, Parish. Heck, great articles this past week all around, and I have to agree with both of your reviews having played those games.

    Also, not gonna lie, a big factor in my funding your stuff at Patreon was so I wouldn’t have to pay Blurb’s exorbitant shipping costs when buying your books. (Granted, so far I’m down the same amount as what I would have had to pay, but at least now I don’t feel like I got scammed by the middle man)

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