If you only read one thing today…

…it should not be this post. Agh! What are you doing!? You’re blowing your quota!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo, it should be this week’s USgamer cover story, wherein Jaz and I spent an hour chatting with Dave Lebling on the creation of Zork. It was a pretty phenomenal experience, and I think the story that came out of it is equally spectacular. If I could somehow make my job into nothing but hanging out with game designers and talking about the philosophy and iteration behind their work… eh, I’d probably be assassinated for having a job that’s unacceptably rad. Probably just as well, then.

If you read carefully here, you can spot where I was sneaking in a question or two for the upcoming Zork article at Metroidvania.

P.S., this box art is still the best. The goblin’s all like, “Ohhh crap, Dabney Coleman looks super pissed!”