A farewell to Astoria

Today, we reach the end of the anatomy of The Goonies II. I can finally change my Twitter avatar.


I’ve really enjoyed writing this series, although as tends to be the case with thoroughly niche games, very few people have been interested in reading. At the moment I’m trying to decide whether to forge on ahead with Super Mario Bros. 2, tackle Bionic Commando (which I’ve just recently replayed for a video feature)…

…. or make a swerve into left field for something even fewer people will want to read about. Decisions, decisions.

8 thoughts on “A farewell to Astoria

  1. I think Super Mario Bros. 2 would be the better choice. Going for a well-known game after a niche game (and vice versa) seems like it would be a nice way to keep things fresh. The more well-known games will definitely get more hits, but lesser known titles are still worth analyzing.

    Speaking of niche games, I’d love to see an anatomy of Clash at Demonhead sometime.

  2. I do love the anatomy of games series that you do. But I also love new things…

    You are doing awesome work on game boy world… and that’s pretty new…

    Hmmm… I’m curious to see what your new idea is. That’s my vote

  3. It is sad that the traffic is dictating the subjects. Personally, I would be more interested in lesser know titles, so I can be inspired to play them. Bionic Commando gets my vote, but only because it is a personal fav.

    • Who said traffic is dictating anything? I just noted that no one cares about obscure games. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to write about them.

  4. I would really like to see Anatomy of Shovel Knight because of its damn near perfect (almost Mega Man or Mario) level of design. I feel like that game was made for Jeremy Parish analysis.

  5. I read most of your anatomy stuff, but honestly, I skim it when I haven’t played the game. Of course, it’s most fun when I can play along, but I only managed that on Super Metroid.

    Of course it’s up to you and you should follow your muse, but if you’re curious what your audience wants, I vote for Mario 2. Or you could just do Chrono Trigger or Mega Man 9.

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