Moving pictures

I’ve fallen somewhat out of the habit of posting to this blog of late, which I blame solely on my newfound interest in video content. First it was the radio star, now it’s the blog nitwit. I’m getting a better handle on the processes and discipline involved in creating video, so hopefully it won’t be consuming so much of my time in the future and I can continue with my usual word vomit here. My word-making time has been somewhat constrained, and my obligations to the day job come first. That’s adulthood for you.

For the moment, here’s what I’ve been doing lately instead of, you know, writing.

I’ve put together a few USgamer pieces, for which I write the script and record the voice over and, when possible, capture game footage. Someone else edits these, because my god I only have so many hours in the day. And I gotta write the accompanying feature, you know?

Comfort Food Games: Marathon 2

In case you want to read about a shooter that isn’t Destiny this weekend.

The Greatest Games for Atari Lynx

Real talk: This was a dry run for the Lynx section of Game Boy World.

10 Essential NES Games, 1985-87

Because “best of” NES lists are always about later games and tend to give the early days short shrift.

And on the personal side of things….

Game Boy World: Boxxle

Because everybody loves shoving boxes.

The Metroidvania Mission Statement

If nothing else, I’m proud of the theme music.

And while it’s not video (yet), I’ve just wrapped up The Anatomy of Mega Man 2. Patreon backers will be receiving the digital version of The Anatomy of Mega Man Vol. 1 sometime next month and the printed version in either September or October, depending on my travel schedule. It looks like I’m going to be taking a three-week trip to San Francisco, Tokyo, and London for basically three weeks out of September, so that will probably affect my ability to put things in the mail. I know. Excuses, excuses.