The GameSpite Media Concern

It’s a busy week this week, what with me being pinched between two back-to-back trips out of town while trying to help shepherd USgamer to its best month of content ever. This is our mission. We want to rock your brain.

However! I still managed to post the long-delayed episode 000 of Game Boy World, a look at the Game Boy hardware itself. There’s a chunk of text, and there’s a video.

But if watching it here seems like too much trouble for you, I’ve also launched a genuine iTunes account where you can follow all the videos I’m creating for Patreon with the convenience of never having to seek it out yourself. The content will somehow load itself into your iTunes in the background. How fabulous! You should consider subscribing.

I also took point on the first of several USgamer podcast ventures this morning. The first episode will be up soon. It will also be on iTunes! I will of course make mention of that once we have it all sorted out.