I ran out of words

Sorry I haven’t posted in the past, uh, week or so? Yeesh. This Final Fantasy thing we published today has been eating up my time.

We also put together a video to go with it.

I’m pretty happy with how that feature turned out. It represents months of work, planning, interviews, and travel, but it turned out exactly the way I hoped. It’s the opening salvo in a major change that USgamer will be undertaking in the coming month as we shift our focus from lots of little daily news stories to a smaller number of more substantial feature articles. If this sounds a lot like what we did at 1UP for its final year… kind of. But we learned a lot of lessons at 1UP, such as “don’t focus 100% on themes and totally divorce yourself from current events.” Imagine the kind of material we ran at 1UP, but more structured around the news of the day, and that’s more like it.

And hopefully at least one of these massive New Yorker-style pieces per week. I hope you’ll give it a read if you have, uh… 32 minutes to spare.

4 thoughts on “I ran out of words

  1. Yeah I really enjoyed the article. Was glad to see Square-Enix isn’t *completely* out-of-touch :P At least they are trying to fix things and open to feedback :)

  2. Longtime lurker and fan; you knocked it out of the park Jeremy. As a fan of longform journalism, I’m excited by USgamer’s shift in focus. Thanks.

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