Let me fill your earholes

I’ve suddenly gotten into the voice work business in a big way. Not really sure how that happened, but I apologize in advance. That being said, if you’re having trouble sleeping sometime, the only more efficient way to knock yourself out than by listening to my monotonous drone for an hour involves prescription medication like Ambien.

The latest Retronauts:

A USgamer feature on franchised games in which external developers failed to live up to the standards of the original work:

Game Boy World 1: Alleyway

Game Boy World 2: Baseball

Game Boy World 3: Super Mario Land

The Game Boy World videos aren’t perfect, but I am learning as I go along. Thanks for bearing with me.

I also reviewed a couple of games yesterday – No Heroes Allowed, No Puzzles Either! would be great if its monetization format didn’t render the game nearly unplayable for me, and Hitman Go is actually pretty much just straight-up wonderful.

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Next week: All singing, all dancing.

4 thoughts on “Let me fill your earholes

  1. You’re recording the gameboy stuff off one of those little handheld clones? It looks like you were getting some electrical feedback on the mario land video (apologies if you’ve figured this out already)

    • No, that seems to be a compression artifact. That strobing effect wasn’t present in the source footage. Probably too intense a contrast between red and the pale colors around it.

  2. Are you recording these videos and Retronauts using the same mic? What mic is that?

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