Positive change

The site I recently launched to contain all the Anatomy of Games stuff now has its very first post. As I iron things out across the sites, anatomyofgames.com will eventually become the sole repository for that material; expect it to vanish from this site at some point. No sense in redundancy, right? There’s a lot that needs to be fixed with the older entries first first, but hopefully you will agree that having all that material and only that material in a single location makes for a better reading experience all around. No need to fuss with tags or categories; you can just start at the beginning and read your way through the archives.

It seems natural to divide out material into different locations, because people read content – they’re not following my writing for my writing’s sake. Some people are only interested in reading Anatomy of Games, while others are more interested in pieces on music or movies. Lumping that all together feels counterproductive nowadays; the Internet has changed considerably since 15 years ago (my god) when this site was called “ToastyFrog Jump!”, and it seems smart to keep apace.

As such, while I’m breaking out material across separate sites for ease of organization, serial reading, and general consistency, there’ll still be one-stop shops for keeping up with all of it… but they won’t be here. We have social media for that. I’ll be aggregating all my blogging efforts across various domains in their entirety in a single Tumblr account; the GameSpite Tumblr will basically serve the role that this blog used to. Go where the people are, after all. You can also keep tabs on my Twitter account to keep up with the links. And if I can figure out how to keep this stuff separate from my personal FaceBook page (which I use strictly to keep up with family and old friends who don’t want to read level analysis of Super Metroid), there’ll be that option, too. I set up a Google Plus connection, too, but Google Plus is impenetrable garbage, so it doesn’t work right and no one cares anyway. Fun!

Anyway, that’s the story.

11 thoughts on “Positive change

  1. Google Plus IS garbage, however Google Hangouts is PRETTY snazzy when it works and you know how to use it. Ask Adam Sessler, or rather, his producer Nick. It’s FREE-er than Skype, in that, all you need is a Google account and you can have video calls with up to 24 other people… so there’s that. Also the ability to edit a document in realtime while chatting with someone is also pretty handy.

    Long story short, if you ever feel like getting in touch with your fellow man/child/bear/pig/followers/fans/friends you’d be hard pressed to find a more convenient solution.

    Good luck and cheers!

  2. Well, I wouldn’t say *none* of us read your writing for your writing, but yeah, I bet the individual topic audiences are bigger and this change makes a lot of sense.

    (Okay, I admit it… I only skim the Mad Men entries.)

  3. It could just be my “ancient” (read: 2010) brick of a smartphone, but the new Anatomy of Games site doesn’t seem to be too mobile-friendly as of yet. The page automatically opens the archive menu, which it will neither let me close nor scroll past. I understand it’s still a new site, though, so it’s okay if the kinks aren’t worked out yet.

    • Unfortunately, on current mobile devices it reads fine. It’s been the only design I’ve found so far that does what I want it to in terms of layout and functionality, so I’m afraid I’m going to stick with it. Apologies.

  4. Tumblr? Huh, now I have no reason to actually visit your sites. Bwahahaha…ha?

    Seriously, though, don’t sell your writing short. I read a lot about games that I don’t care about because you write the piece. I was also hoping for impressions on your move and new surroundings, since I liked the way you described getting out and around San Francisco while playing Boktai, but I guess not.

    • Not sure if you’ve noticed, but I don’t really write about my life anymore. A lot of things have happened in recent years that I’m not eager to turn into public discourse, so I keep my personal life offline.

  5. I still use good ‘ol fashioned bookmarks so having a tumblr where I can see all your links without having to set up an RSS for the first time ever works well for me, heh.

  6. So, the Tumblr will basically be the same thing the blog used to be? As long as I can bookmark one page to get all your writing, I will be happy. I agree with others that sometimes I find interesting things in subjects I am not normally interested in through your musings. So I don’t want to miss out on that.

  7. Don’t sell yourself on your actually writing. I know that reading your game writing over the years has made me reapproach how I think about games. Plus while I haven’t read all of your write ups on it, I am tempted to try Mad Men based on them.

    Also, I don’t know if this is the best place to ask about it, but could you unblock me on Twitter? I believe you did it because I was being an ass when Retronauts ended in favor of the short-lived video version on 1up. I’ve been meaning to ask about it for a while, but I was never sure how to really bring it up (and now I still don’t know if I’m doing it right).

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