A bit of change

It seems like the content I post to this site these days sits at odds with itself more often than not, and the main purpose of my blog — that is, to be a blog — has been lost to a certain degree under the weight of reader expectation. So, I’m breaking out some of my projects into separate sites where they can stand alone. That way people who want to read, say, level analyses of classic games don’t have to read about television shows and old prog rock albums between the things they actually care about.

To start with, there’s Anatomy of a Game, which has been slightly renamed and now has its own separate website: anatomyofgames.com. All future Anatomy posts will happen over there. Don’t worry, though, I’m sure I’ll post notices here on my blog from time to time for those of you who have moved along to a post-RSS world. And of course links will appear on my Twitter account, too, unless that WordPress bug that causes the site to blast out several backdated post links per second happens again….