5 thoughts on “From the archives: Mutual of Ohama’s “The Octorok”

  1. I suppose now the Maimais in Link Between Worlds show off the “cute” branch of the Hylian Octopode family tree… but of course we still have some classic Octorocks around on that branch of the timeline, though their heads seem a bit taller than the Zelda I and II version.

  2. @Kirin Maybe, though I’m not so sure that’s really accurate… (can’t say much more).

    @MightyJAK Agreed, I’ve always seen them as the Hyrule version of Goombas, basically.

  3. @LBD Wait, what? Am I to infer you have seekrit insider information on… the evolution of octopi in Hyrule? You workin’ on a new book or something?

  4. @Kirin Nothing as grand as that, I’m afraid (I wish I was writing something like that). Let’s just say… gotta catch ’em all.

    (No, it doesn’t have anything to do with Pokemon… or does it? In either case, I’m just borrowing the tagline; let it be your guide.)

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