Dream a little stream of me

Hey everyone, are you digging the latest season of Retronauts? Did you know we’re creeping up on the halfway mark for episode obligations? Crazy. A new episode went up today. You should listen to it.

Speaking of Retronauts I want to start pitching in on the weekly livestreams the other guys have been doing, but honestly I’m stumped for what I could make my personal focus. So, I turn to you for advice. What kind of classic games should I be opining on, live on the Internet?

21 thoughts on “Dream a little stream of me

  1. You could use the livestreams as a dry run for your upcoming Anatomy of a Game posts.

    Or you could go through some of the Run ‘N’ Jump Chronicles.

  2. I think it would be great to play trough a classic game on your Anatomy series or one that you don’t quite want to go that exhaustively into and make similar commentary while playing through it.

  3. I haven’t seen much from the 32-bit era covered by you guys yet. I feel like there’s a lot of room to talk about Saturn/PS/N64 era gems in a streamy kind of format. Perhaps a Silhouette Mirage versions comparison?

  4. This is just my own personal preference, but I would love to see more RPG coverage, something you don’t cover as often anymore. You’ve spoken at length about Etrian Odyssey, but not nearly as much about the sequels (just as an example).

  5. Psh, Brickroad and co. managed to make Pokemon entertaining. You can stream anything as long as there are some knuckleheads making witty conversation in the background.

  6. There are weekly livestreams on Retronauts.com!? I listen to the podcast every week but stopped going to the site after I kept getting security warnings.

  7. I’d love a good mix of must-play classics with obscure/niche/cult classics that most people don’t know about.

  8. Apropos of the site and owner, how about a series on lesser known and/or underappreciated [sorry for using this term] Metroidvanias? I know I’d love to watch some Battle of Olympus, for instance.

  9. One game that may work is Super Mario RPG. It’s one of those sort-of-classics that people have affection for, but rarely gets any write-ups or in-depth dissections. It also has faster pacing than every other RPG from that generation other than, perhaps, Chrono Trigger.

  10. Warioland gameboy games. I liked the podcast on Wario, so a commentary with gameplay would be rad!

  11. I was thinking about this more – Some suggestions.

    Metal Gear (NES)
    Guardian Legend (NES)
    Golgo 13 (NES)
    Goonies (NES) – Just because I think you always said you liked it.

    You said you weren’t going to cover the Mega Man series in Anatomy of Game. Maybe they would work in a live-streaming context?

    Some lesser-known foundational Arcade (MAME) games?

    Something inspired by a recent USGamer series – A representative early and late game of a particular system? Or even a representative game from each year or graphical/structural era on a system. For example – Black Belt (1986) vs. The Cyber Shinobi (1990) on Master System.

    You could keep current (and hearken back to the good old days) by playing whatever comes out on Virtual Console/ PSN/ etc and enjoying/ complaining about it.

  12. For a second, my brain read that first sentence as, “Are you digging the LAST season of Retronauts?” A mini-freakout ensued.
    #scumbagbrain #ironichashtagsarestillcoolrite?

  13. I would love to watch a Roguelike stream! Maybe the original Shiren, or anything really.

  14. I’d definitely like to see you playing some sort of classic game, especially an NES game. I like Filgate’s suggestions: Metal Gear, Guardian Legend, Golgo 13 would all be great.

    Goonies II especially would be great. We’ve all heard you talk about that game, now we need to see you play it… with or without a rocket pack!

  15. Gonna echo the old school arcade/mame type focus. They are meant to be quarter munchers, a lot of people love them, and because many of them didn’t get adequate home ports there is still some mystery to them.

    Plus, 30-45 minute long games (provided you are abusing infinite continues) seem about the perfect length for a live stream. Gives you time for a way 5-10 minute introduction, and a 5-10 minute conclusion so that you can keep the episodes right around an hour.

  16. i’d love to see you play games like castlevania, bionic commando, umihara, etc. you’ve shown that you can write about them, so it would be fun to see you play them, and give frames of reference for your articles.

  17. How about something from the pile of shame? I would like to hear your initial opinion on these games and found previously unplayed games make better streams for me.

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