My holiday project


No, this isn’t a book layout, despite appearances. I’m experimenting with something new. Hopefully I’ll have something I can show off by the end of the year.

6 thoughts on “My holiday project

  1. So it’s not a book layout but clearly in the same style as GameSpite.

    I am very curious and interested.

  2. This should be awesome.

    (Seriously, CT is still my favorite RPG after all these years. Let’s see if you can get at the heart of why I love the game, especially the ones that I might not grasp myself.)

  3. Not that I don’t trust your skills and judgment, but wouldn’t an Anatomy of CT be a monumental undertaking? Or are you going to focus solely on the mechanics/design and not try and complete every possible permutation? One way or another, looking forward to it.

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