November: Three to watch for

Outside of the indie game space, where hard release dates tend to be kind of scarce, I’m not seeing a lot of prospects for proper 2D game releases in the coming month. Heartbreaking! But at least the ones I know about look pretty solid.

Resogun: Despite its 3D visuals and silly particle effects and desire to drown players in voxels, Resogun is a straight-up classic arcade game. It’s derived 100% from Williams’ Defender, up to and including the fact that its 2D plane of movement has been wrapped onto a torus for infinite scrolling. This game is the number one reason I’m excited about PlayStation 4. It is super rad, seriously.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: The sequel to A Link to the Past has kind of ugly polygonal graphics, but its perspective and mechanics feel more in keeping with the classic 2D Zelda games than anything since… Minish Cap, maybe? It even has a special power where you turn Link into a 2D image that shuffles along the surface of walls. I honestly have no idea if A Link Between Worlds will be any good, but… I’m interested. And I’m buying the special 3DS XL anyway. To hoard and speculate on and resell in a few months when it doubles in value. I’m sorry, everything bad about video games is my fault.


Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because… I DON’T KNOW!: A smooshy blend of Gauntlet, Mystery Dungeon, and Ikaruga (!?), Explore the Dungeon gets a special stamp of approval because its director is a regular around these parts, but also because it’s really fun. Plus, it’s the only properly 2D sprite-based old-school game in the coming month that I know of, and it look great. I just wish Cartoon Network would put the third seasons and beyond on Blu-ray already, dang it.

4 thoughts on “November: Three to watch for

  1. Agreed! Resogun is my biggest launch title for PS4 as well, and Link Between Worlds is of course a day-1 purchase. AD…I love the series & WayForward but the last game, I feel like I should’ve waited to buy it at a discount. I hope this one ends up a stronger title!

  2. Checked out Adventure Time while at PAX Prime this year and had a ton of fun. Then dragged some friends to the booth and played it again. Pendleton Ward has said the game would contain a huge plot reveal that ties into the show, making it an even bigger draw for me. I do like a nice dungeon crawl.

    Yeah, they are taking their time with those season TV show sets…

  3. Hey, you wanna speculate on limited edition games, I bet that Adventure Time special edition will be pretty scarce in a few months!

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