The gosh-darned Bat-man

I’ve been playing Batman: Arkham Origins over the past couple of days. It’s pretty fun, albeit fairly repetitive and occasionally very arbitrary. Despite its flaws, picking off rooms full of armed gunmen one at a time before retreating to the shadows above is pretty rad — it’s basically the scene at the docks in Batman Begins made playable. And I appreciate the franchise’s commitment to Batman’s non-lethal, no-guns ethos. This is like the only game in the universe where you can’t pick up guns from fallen foes, because of course you can’t, and it really stands out (in a good way).

The game is set on Christmas Eve, though, and given its referential nature I’m really hoping that at some point Batman sings Christmas carols with the GCPD. As in the greatest Batman story ever told: The backup feature from Batman 219.


If this doesn’t turn out to be one of the endings, I’m gonna be super ticked off.

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    • The pencil boards for that whole issue were on display at the Cartoon Art Museum for a while, so I think he is!

  1. Wait, he was kicked out of a plane over DC on Christmas Eve? Batman starred in Die Hard 2?

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