More ways to read about old games (maybe)

Hey kids, I’m part of another Kickstarter project… well, sort of. This isn’t my venture, but if it goes through and hits its funding, I’ll be contributing a monthly column to the thing. It’s called RETRO, and it will be a magazine about classic games that lets me contribute without having to lay out, edit, and publish it myself. Let me tell you, that sounds pretty great.

I’m in no way the highlight of the magazine. A whole lot of well-known folks, including Jeff Green, Seanbaby, Andy Eddy, and Chris Kohler will be contributing to the magazine in various ways (if it’s funded). I’ve been trading emails for a while with the guy behind it, Mike Kennedy, and he’s legit. The layouts and content plan seem solid. And I don’t stand to profit from this venture beyond a small stipend if I manage to clear enough time in my schedule to write a regular column.

So, please do check it out and consider backing it. I honestly don’t care so much about my own role in this; I just want an excuse for Jeff Green to write brilliantly funny things about video games again.

9 thoughts on “More ways to read about old games (maybe)

  1. Pretty impressive list of people signed up so far, and it looks like it’s already about a 10th of the way there. Nifty. If I had money, I’d toss it at it.

  2. This looks awesome, and will actually be the first Kickstarter I contribute to. Thanks for the tip, Parish.

  3. As with most magazine projects I’m stuck with the digital version (the international shipping costs are unjustifiable), but I really hope it succeeds. The Retro Gaming Roundup guys are great. I may not listen to the entirety of their 5 hour podcasts, but they’ve done some fantastic interviews over the years with old school game creators.

  4. What a cast! It was so extensive that I was holding out hope that the venerable lunatics from Game Players, Chris Slate and Bill Donohue and Frank O’Conner (poached from Bungie, I suppose) would make an appearance. Should be great nonetheless!

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