Here’s a little story about how…

After I made it through the demise of 1UP, my wedding, taking a new job after a decade at 1UP, my honeymoon, and launching USgamer, I figured the rest of 2013 would be comparatively calm. Serves me right. Yesterday our landlord’s son called and let us know that the landlord, who owns our apartment outright, wants to move in and make this building her residence. Which means that in a few days we’ll be getting a move-out notice giving us 60 days to relocate. 2013 is going out the way the way it came in.

I’ve been worried about this happening for a while now. My wife moved into this place in 2004, and we’ve been paying rent-controlled 2004 rates in a real estate market that has exploded into dotcom millionaire insanity. I wondered when our landlord would get wise and kick us out; I mean, she says she’s going to move in, but I kind of doubt it. My guess is that they’re going to renovate the place and either rent it for twice what we current residents are paying or convert it into a single-family dwelling and sell it for a million dollars or more. That would also explain why they’re willing to give us a pretty substantial moving stipend.

Not that a stipend helps that much. There’s no way we could find another place in this city with rent comparable to what we pay now, so we’re being forced to relocate, which is going to be expensive. More expensive than the stipend they’re providing will cover, that’s for damn sure. Since we have to pack up and head somewhere else, we’re thinking of making it count — either relocating to Long Beach or NYC. It’s really weird and heartbreaking that NYC rent would cost us a lot less than a different place in San Francisco, but that’s the stupid dotcom bubble that’s happening here for you.

Anyway, just a heads-up. This site is going to need to take a back seat to real life for a while. And you’re probably going to see me on the street corner begging for money so we can afford the move… so if you walk past me panhandling, just politely avert your eyes rather than kicking me.

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  1. If Kickstarter/Indiegogo allowed it you know the readers of this site would back you.
    Good luck.

  2. Sorry to hear that. Is there not anywhere in the Bay Area where you could move that’s affordable? Santa Clara? Pinole, San Jose? Concord? Fremont? Growing up in Cali my parents and most people I know didnt actually live in the city but commuted and lived in the suburbs. Anyway that’s cool if your using the opportunity to locate somewhere that both of you want to live. It’s just, you know, Retronauts. (Selfish Me). I wish you the best of luck on your move.

  3. Hey, don’t worry. I’m committed to Retronauts no matter what happens. I’m still in for, what, six more episodes, six minis, two panels, and a bunch of videos? Those will happen for certain.

    There’s no sense in our relocating within the SF area, because all of my wife’s local friends and family have left. We want to be closer to family, thus NYC or Orange County as our choices. Thankfully both of those areas are great for the work I do for my day job.

  4. That’s pretty rough, though the way you describe it makes it almost sound inevitable. Once the major hassle of relocating is all said and done, though, you might find it a little refreshing. Here’s hoping it all works out.

  5. Shocking indeed after reading your post, I can only wish you luck in finding a new place

  6. Don’t want to be too stubborn, but would you intend to appear on all the Retronauts episodes or just the ones you’re hosting? A bit curious, especially after all the putting down of remote/Skype shows during the Kickstarter.

    Anyway, best of luck finding a good dwelling!

  7. My life was completely upended a little more than 24 hours ago. You’ll have to pardon me if I don’t quite have all the answers in place for side projects just yet.

  8. There is one good thing about this. Your story gives me another incentive to stock up on the PDFs of the old Gamespite issues.

    And pay properly for them.

    All the best to you and your wife, Mr. Parish, your articles are a delight to read.


  9. Just a heads up, if what you’re saying about a son and a phone call is right, this is not an actual eviction notice, and you shouldn’t make concrete plans to move out until you get one. If you take the steps to move out on your own, they can scam you out of your relocation benefits.

    SF also has very strict rules in place to protect tenants from their landlords abusing OMI evictions. For instance, they have to move in within three months of your eviction, with the intent to live there for three years, and if they do leave, you have the right to first refusal at your old rates, otherwise they must lease the property at the rates you paid for three years. If they attempt to circumvent the law, you have legal recourse and can sue their asses for a wrongful eviction. Know your rights and don’t let them dick you over. I always found this website useful:

    • Yes, I know all this. The phone call was a courtesy call to let us know the actual notice is coming soon. But I have no doubt it will come.

      As for proving abuse, that’s pretty much impossible to do before we move.

  10. This exact same thing happened to me yesterday. My landlord left a charming letter for me indicating a massive spike in rent that was clearly intended as “it’s time for you to move out.” I had been living there since 2006 and am, for all intents and purposes, a very good tenant. Maybe I should think about NYC too, now.


  11. Best of luck Jeremy. Your loyal readers will find you after the dust settles. RL happens. May you live in UNinteresting times, soon.

  12. You should start your own apartment complex, with blackjack! And hookers! In fact, forget the apartment complex!

  13. Damn. This reminds me of the time my dad was laid off from a cushy high-tech job in an affluent Boston suburb, and the next job he found was in central Florida. I was 13 when we moved and I suffered some culture shock dealing with all the retirees, southerners, bad schools and general lack of urgency, culture and intellectualism. My parents dealt with it better than I did because they’d lived all over the country before, including the rougher parts of Pittsburgh, PA and Bakersfield, CA.

    I want to give you hopeful advice. One big advantage you have over me at 13 is that this move is your own decision which you will thoroughly research, and despite the shock to your life you still have wide interests, good work habits and career aspirations. A big advantage you have over my DAD during our move is that you don’t have a child to disappoint with a relatively downscale or uncultured new town, if my understanding of the differences between the Bay Area and Orange County are correct. If you have a kid after the move, he’ll never know what he’s missing, and if he desires to move to someplace upscale later in life, he’ll only feel entitled to what he can earn, not to a smorgasboard of bitterly remembered things lost from the Good Old Days.

    I have a cousin in Berkeley and her family can only afford a house that’s half as big as they need. They haven’t told us much about it, but I think they also are wondering how long they can stay there. I empathize most for her kids who have never lived anyplace else. They’re going to need a long time to get their bearings after they leave.

  14. Best of luck to both of you, Jeremy. My wife and I recently made a move from Houston to Seattle. I can recommend a REALLY good driver and provide his information if you guys go with a moving company rather than haul it yourselves. We checked his credentials through the Department of Transportation and all of that before giving the green light.

    And, if I may ask, would you consider Seattle?

  15. … my life got flipped, turned upside-down.

    As someone who lives in the NYC area (north of the city), I want to say it would do us well to have some Parish around. But I wish it was under more pleasant circumstances. Good luck with everything.

  16. I’m sorry to hear about your move out notice and SF rent. Good luck in your relocation.

  17. Your readers will be here when you have the time to come back. Take care of your personal life and your family first and formeost! (Also, come to the east coast. It’s pretty cool over here.)

  18. I, too, am stunned to learn that rent is more affordable in NYC than in your current location. Best of luck to you both.

  19. Well, now I’m definitely glad to have not burdened you with that carded Picard-as-his-smuggler-persona-Galen figure. Best of luck to you, buddy!

  20. Really sorry to hear about having to move. All I can think of is to ask your employer if they will cover any of the moving costs.

  21. San Francisco has VERY tenant-friendly real estate laws, and it’s likely that your landlord cannot actually legally do as she intends. Definitely check in with a tenant legal assistance group in the city – they will consult for free – to see if there’s not a way that you can ease this particular burden.

  22. One way or another you are going from one shitty traffic location to another.

    I heard Detroit’s got nothing but opportunity nowadays. . . Seriously, not being glib but there are massive opportunities in most US cities. Wouldn’t it be great if you single handedly spearheaded the birth of a St. Louis, Cleveland or Milwaukee Video Game industry?

  23. Hi Jeremy- My friend just linked me to this post, and I’m really sorry to hear about what you’re dealing with.

    If you’re considering NYC as a landing spot, I’d suggest checking across the river in Jersey City as well. Super up and coming area, short train ride to the city and they have really nice 1BR places for under 2 grand. (I’m not a broker, I swear).

    Best of luck to you!

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