Regaining control

Just a small note about the site’s status: After a couple of years of things not working properly (due mainly to the abject wretchedness of the site’s previous hosting service), I’ve just about got everything fixed up. Most importantly, the domain is back under my control, which means,, and all point to the same page (this one). This also means that, after I spent this morning double-checking files in 10 years’ worth of monthly image directories, most images within the site should be working. I still need to make some repairs to images here on the blog, but if you go to the Games page, everything will be just peachy for the first time in a very long time.

The one missing piece is that my idiot previous host has made a hash out of ownership of the domain. I’m currently in the process of taking back control that as well. Once that’s happened, all the really old stuff in the archives should be working again as well.

With these things in order, I can go about setting up subdomains, forums, and email addresses for site supporters. Finally. Thanks for bearing with me. It’s been a mess around here for far too long.