Winding down

The Talking Time fundraiser has nearly reached its end. It doesn’t look like we’ll be hitting the “ban James Franco GIFs” level, but there’s on-site image hosting and a public, free-for-all wiki in the cards now. And that’s pretty great.

I would also like to use some of this money to hire someone to redesign the site for me. I like the responsive aspect of this layout, but I hate how boring it is. I have something fairly advanced in mind for the site, which may or may not be possible, but if you have WordPress layout editing experience you should drop me a line and talk to me about it. I think I can see a way for my concept to work out, but you’re definitely going to want some design and coding experience under your belt.

Anyway, exciting! Thanks to everyone who contributed. I have a lot of blog posts to write….

4 thoughts on “Winding down

  1. i’m really proud of the community for making this happen. glad to see that people really do care.

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