Like the olden times

Retronauts is now listed as “New & Noteworthy” on the main page of the iTunes podcast store. That’s pretty rad. Takes me back to the olden days, when Retronauts was just the stupid 1UP podcast that almost no one cared about. Now, we’re getting nearly the same number of downloads on our own. I guess the few people that did care stuck around.

Anyway, if you haven’t subscribed to the show yet, you really ought to. Maybe some day we’ll figure out how to turn podcast subscribers into a sustainable business. Until then, the numbers just make us feel good about ourselves (and less guilty for taking other people’s money).

Elsewhere, I finally had a chance to play through Attack of the Friday Monsters! and… well, it’s good. Not amazing, but I can see where some people would really love it. I can also see where others would really hate it. I’m just happy that someone made a game like this, and it actually managed to get an English localization (and a good one, at that). It’ll probably get shouted down for being too expensive at $7.99, but as I’ve mentioned I’m a strong believer in the value of good content.

And the Talking Time fundraiser has hit the wiki mark, which means the new site will be getting its own public wiki. I’m leaving that open to you guys to shape as you see fit. I imagine some kind of social structure and organization will develop in time, and I’m looking forward to seeing what becomes of this.

7 thoughts on “Like the olden times

  1. Hey Jeremy, is there a way to change the RSS feed so that I can download the podcast in Winamp? Right now the RSS is for the blog posts accompanying the episodes, which Winamp can’t parse. I’d love to subscribe to the show, but I despise the current iteration of iTunes, so getting it through Winamp would be really awesome.

  2. I’m curious (and I do ask the question sincerely)… how have you monetized Retronauts beyond the Kickstarter? I’ve always wondered how you could successfully fund a podcast in this age of video clips.

  3. As a good Retronauts fan, I’m spreading the word in the mexican iTunes rating for the podcast

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