Getting shirty

The Talking Time fundraiser campaign is almost complete. Huzzah! It seems pretty likely we’ll hit the public wiki goal by the time it’s over, which promises to bring a pretty radical change to the site. I’m excited about it!

Anyway, I’ve been doodling some ideas for a T-shirt, and my second sketch is getting pretty close… though I’ll definitely drop the superfluous tiara.


If you know this history of this site’s mascots, I think you’ll agree it works weirdly well.

8 thoughts on “Getting shirty

  1. Cute. It does work well. I’d also drop the tiara. I can’t put my finger on why I don’t like it though.

    • Doesn’t belong on the character. I just used it as a key reference to start the sketch.

      • Removing the Tiara (after seeing the original sketch) implies that all girls are Princesses, thus the superfluousness. . .

  2. I’m not usually one to buy T-Shirts, but I’d be pretty tempted to get one of those.

  3. Now I have to get a shirt! But I also want a private forum! Or do I want a site on TT?

    You’re making this very hard for me Jeremy!

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