Here we go


Hey, I’m about to become a small Japanese child watching in wonder as kaiju battle. I hope it turns out to be as interesting as it sounds.

I also figured out that I can hook a 2TB hard drive up to my PlayStation 3, so I can finally play all the games I’ve been holding off on downloading for the past few years because my 60GB internal drive was full to bursting. I don’t even know where to begin, honestly.

Huzzah! Video games.

12 thoughts on “Here we go

  1. I’d certainly like to know what you think of it, Jeremy. I’ve been holding off on it.

  2. I downloaded it but I’m halfway through replaying Hotel Dusk so it’ll have to wait for now. Then it’ll be a tussle between this and Henry Hatsworth.

  3. Maybe I am mistaken, but I always thought you could not store or play games you downloaded off the PSN on an external drive?

    Replacing the internal 60GB drive with the 2TB drive should work; but I am curious how easy or difficult the process is. Directions I’ve seen online made it seem like you really needed another drive to backup the PS3 to before replacing the internal drive with a new one, meaning you’d need an external back drive, and the new internal drive. Anyone upgraded their internal PS3 drive before?

  4. I don’t think that you don’t need to back up the harddrive to install a new internal hd but then you have to download and/ or install games again. It takes forever though. Updates are stored someplace else, which i think you knew already . I think Sony took away the option to use an external after the first time the ps3 was hacked (when they took out linux) but maybe it was never possible. Updating the internal is worth it though. My PS3 does seem to load up slower, though after i changed HDDs.

  5. Replacing the hard drive is easy. The screws are very tight so you have to use the right size screwdriver and be very careful not to strip the screws. You should use a 5400 RPM drive. If you look at 2.5″ 5400 RPM drives on Newegg you’ll find reviews from folks who used them in a PS3.

  6. I’ve definitely (and sadly) reached that point in my life where buying games is no problem, but finding the time to play them is next to impossible. Slapping a big ol’ HD in my PS3 and just going to town with PlayStation Plus sounds so great … in theory. In reality I’ve been playing Final Fantasy 13-2 (don’t judge) since May and just crested the 20 hour mark.

    …but still totally gonna download Attack of the Friday Monsters!

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