4 thoughts on “The slapping of the forehead

  1. Out of curiosity: Did you name that cute little thing after this:
    or is it just coincidence?

    And I am really looking forward to your illustrations. I vividly remeber your beautiful piece on Mole Mania (which I cannot find anymore by using the search function – was it just a windfish’a dream?).

    • I didn’t learn about Telebunnie until after the fact. But I do own a copy.

      I didn’t draw the Mole Mania piece. That was Phil Armstrong.

      • Sorry for the mix up!
        But I do have faith in your abilities anyway – I am sure I have seen some of YOUR work too (like that Epic Mickey 3DS review). At least now I can explain the differences in style – foolishly I had assumed that yours had simply changed over time.

  2. Looking forward to more of Telebunny. Dug the design since… wasn’t it in early 1up.com stuff? Like “Hey guys, new site soon” type early.

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