So about that Talking Time fundraiser…

…it hit its goal within two days. I guess you guys really wanted to keep the forums around, which is great. I’m glad a bunch of message boards I launched just for the heck of it a hojillion years ago turned into its own little self-sustaining community. I guess I should start looking for party venues?

As a heads-up, since Indiegogo forwards non-credit payments immediately, I have more than enough to get the site moved to a new server immediately. So, I’ll be doing that over the holiday weekend. Expect some service disruptions while that happens, but hopefully nothing too bad. And, by all accounts, our new service Bluehost is excellent, so once we’re there service and reliability should be great.

In other corners of the Internet, I published another piece on Animal Crossing. No big deal, right? Except this one… I dunno. Every once in a while I write something that makes me step back and say, “Oh… that was exactly what I’ve been trying to do all this time.” It doesn’t happen often, but this is one of those times. I’m really happy with what I wrote. And the funny thing is, I woke up intending to write a deeply personal piece about a completely different game today… but after wandering through the town of Telebuni for a little while this morning, I felt compelled to start writing. And a couple of hours later, I had written a deeply personal piece about New Leaf without even meaning to. I guess it was just gonna be a soul-searching day no matter what.

Between this and Retronauts, today’s been pretty good. And I just found out I may have the chance to interview one of my game design heroes at TGS this fall, too. Not a bad start to the second half of the year.

6 thoughts on “So about that Talking Time fundraiser…

  1. yay us! I knew we’d be able to do this, even if it ended up falling on the shoulders of just a few. TT is too important to my well being to fall by the wayside.

    • I wouldn’t say it fell on the shoulders of a few. There have been a huge number of small contributions and a handful of larger ones. That’s how it always goes with this kind of communal effort — each person gives as they’re able, and in best cases it all works out.

      • no, what i meant was, had no one else contributed, we’d still have found a way.

  2. Dang, we never even had the chance to donate. =O

    Er, I mean “woo-hoo!”

    Okay, mixed feelings– we wanted to help, but can’t really do so until we gets paid (one in particular you’re familiar with is really dragging its feet in a sense of deja vu).

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