Talking Time users: Now is the time to shape your stories

Your fate is in your hands!

The official “keep Talking Time funded” campaign has begun on Indiegogo. This site’s forums get a lot of traffic, more than our current webhost and plan can actually handle. So we’re going to upgrade, provided we can drum up the cash to do so.

I debated several different possibilities for the issues surrounding Talking Time, and a crowdsourcing campaign seemed a lot better than plastering the site with ads, charging mandatory subscription fees, taking indefinite donations, or just straight up killing the forums. Since there’s a lot of cynicism surrounding Kickstarter, I went with Indiegogo instead. Viva la difference and all that, I suppose.

In any case, I have my fingers crossed that we’ll drum up enough support over the next four weeks to keep the forums running. If not, well, that’s a bridge to be crossed at such a time as we have to face that reality. In the meantime, this campaign is directly entirely toward those who frequent Talking Time and is not meant to be a general fundraiser, so those of you who never visit the forums may cheerful disregard this post.

And to those of you who support the site: Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Talking Time users: Now is the time to shape your stories

  1. The flexible funding option is always nice, even if it takes a bigger chunk if we don’t hit the goal. I’m hopeful that we will, though.

  2. So I’m in the middle of a job transition right now. The good news is this means I’ll be able to contribute a lot more than when I was a retail jockey! The bad news is that, if I’m reading IndieGogo right (and I might not be – the FAQ and other information is centered on campaigners and not contributors), that contributions are taken right away, meaning I can’t make my contribution until I have the money to cover it. I’ll try and put my contribution in within the next two weeks or so though.

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