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…that I’m writing for a really great site now. Seriously, I’m really proud of and excited about USgamer. Please tell your friends about it, and if you have time please kick off some kind of crazy Ponzi scheme to spread awareness of the site. We’re off to a solid start, but I want it to be a long-term success.

Here’s some stuff I’ve posted over the past few days:

In other news, I played Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage? for the heck of it after E3. It was fun, if short; the best Zelda II ripoff since Battle of Olympus. I can see why our pal Tomm Hulett hooked up with WayForward. I had never watched Adventure Time before, but I liked the game enough to check out a few episodes. They were good enough that I want to watch… all the episodes.

11 thoughts on “Your periodic reminder…

  1. Adventure Time is Magic. I only wish there were more episodes on Netflix. And that those games would come to Japan in some form. Region-locking! *shakes fist*

  2. Adventure Time is something special. Maybe post your thoughts about it in the Adventure Time thread?

  3. Thanks very much for the write up on the Four Job Fiesta, by the by. It had somehow completely slipped by me in past years, and I’ve never actually FINISHED FFV. This is exactly what I needed.

  4. Adventure Time is a pretty special tv show. I guess I should look into this game? Zelda 2 and AT? Probably right up my alley!

  5. I´ve been checking out USgamer since day one, going right after my almost-daily visit to Telebunny. But as I´m not from the US I´m feeling a bit left out… Just kidding! Some very interesting reads there from all the authors, though you are the Miyamoto in that Nintendo, Jeremy.

    Hey, and great to know you are into Andventure Time now! The Wayforward game was a love letter to that amazing show, with great writing by Peddleton Ward himself as well as a conscious and publicized effort to be the best Zelda 2 ripoff possible. They mostly achieved all their goals, but the truth is the game loses a bit of steam at the halfway point, after clearing the Candy Kingdom scenario… The fetch quests become too simple and the action levels are a bit dull. Probably was lack of time rather than lack of ideas what made the first half of the game feel more complete than the last… Unlike the show itself, that at it´s fifth season already is only getting better and deeper than ever before, in my opinion.

    It would be awesome if you get so much into Adventure Time that you feel like writing your thoughts on important episodes as you do with Mad Men! If there´s ever a cartoon that deserves such treatment, is this one.

  6. I enjoyed the Adventure Time game, but I think my favorite part was the theme song. I remember when I first got it, my wife looked up at me while that was blaring out of my 3DS. Her: “Sounds like a pretty fun game”, Me: “I know, I haven’t even pressed start yet!”.

  7. Eh, is there a way to organize the articles in some sort of easy to pick out archives? I can’t read everything at once, and it seems like with the current layout, after some time the site is going to be hard to navigate if you want to read old content.

  8. Is there an official place to provide feedback about USgamer? It quickly became a daily-visit for me.

  9. USgamer is great. The articles are unique and well-written, and the look of the site is distinctive without being overwhelming. It’s a daily visit for me, and I’ll be telling friends about it.

  10. Adventure Time in its granular conception is funny without being gross. I enjoyed the first time I watched it, but it really becomes another kind of viewing experience when sharing these stories with other people. My wife doesn´t like the show I usually watch on TV. But certainly when we are able to catch up on TV and Adventure Time is available on CN, we don´t miss it.

  11. I really like USGamer’s slightly Google+-ish article headers and clean layout. As a reader it’s been a great launch. You’re on a roll too Parish — such a surplus of writing indicates you’re focused on things you really enjoy. Let the good times roll!

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